Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ridley Creek Mansion and Grounds: Ed & Laura

Another wonderful setting for a wedding is Ridley Creek State Park in Media, PA. Not only does it offer wonderfully wooded grounds for a beautiful outdoor wedding, the Mansion is an ideal setting for an intimate ceremony. The platform staircase provides for the perfect ceremony spot as your guests surround you on multiple levels of platform spaces. The lighting is ideal for crystal clear pictures and the acoustics provide for a wedding ceremony heard at perfect pitch.

I performed Ed & Laura's wedding at the Mansion in early August. While the original plan called for an outdoor wedding, the Mansion served as the backup venue. It was an ideal setting with friends and family surrounding them while they recited the vows and performed the rites that united their lives and families.

I'm very pleased I was able to be a part of it. This couple is truly in love and equally devoted. Cheers to Ed & Laura! Oh, and cheers to their flower girl, Jenna, who did a great job! Nicely done, Jenna!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Release the Doves: Frank & Maria

Recently, I performed a wedding ceremony unlike any I had performed before. Frank and Maria were wonderful to work with. They met each other a bit later in their lives and I was struck by how rooted they both were in their traditions. It was a very nice thing to encounter and it was clear that family and roots meant a great deal to both.

I imagined that this would be a very routine wedding, steeped in the traditional ceremonial style. I was quite surprised when they suggested releasing doves as part of their service. I have heard of this done and spoken to colleagues who presided over dove releases, but I personally had never encountered this particular element before. In keeping with my promise to serve as guide for a service and not its author, I happily agreed to their suggestion and we scripted a very nice piece that included the reading of the Dove Poem.

Frank managed to locate a great service, Delaware White Dove Releases, servicing Delaware and areas in PA and NJ. Their representative, Dawn, came to the wedding early, met with me, and set up a beautiful stanchion where the bird cage was hung draped with white lace and bows. At the appropriate moment in the ceremony, Dawn opened the cage and gave the bride and groom each their own dove.

Frank and Maria released their doves on cue and it was an amazing portion of a great wedding. Later, dawn told me that the doves are trained to return to the dove farm in Delaware. Evidently, the doves have their own little reception waiting for them back home.

For details on Delaware White Dove Releases, visit And cheers to Frank & Maria for teaching me something new!

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Majestic Wedding Setting - Hartefeld National: Josh & Sarah; Rich & Debi

This summer, I have had the pleasure of conducting two weddings at Hartefeld national Golf Course, a breathtaking location for a wedding. Josh & Sarah and Rich & Debi had beautiful weddings, though very different from one another.

Josh & Sarah took advantage of the breathtaking views of Hartefeld’s beautiful golf course. The rolling green hills and magnificent waterscape provided for an elegant setting for a very fun loving couple.

Rich & Debi held their wedding inside Hartefeld's well appointed Ballroom, then had guests retire to the veranda where they could have a drink while taking in the scenic vista.

I have performed ceremonies throughout Pennsylvania and I am always pleased when a couple I'm working with inform me they will be married at Hartefeld. As their website says:

"The historic charm of a magnificent fieldstone clubhouse set amidst one of the Northeast's most honored and picturesque golf courses. A complete renovation of The Ballroom reflects the casual elegance and simple sophistication of today's couples... and our veranda is the perfect setting for your ceremony with a breathtaking view of our signature sixth hole and surrounding countryside. We take care of everything!
Dedicated event planners provide attention to every detail. From the arrival of your family and friends to the very last dance, no detail is left to chance."

I will be back at Hartefeld in October for Steve & Gini's wedding. I know it will be a beautiful affair and I highly recommend you visit their site: