Monday, July 22, 2013

Final Ceremony...for now

Last year, I took on a new position with added responsibilities.  Because of this, I am no longer booking weddings.  While I love performing weddings, I am simply no longer confident in my long-term weekend availability.  Without knowing exactly what my availability is six months to a year in advance, I am not able to confidently reserve wedding dates.  So after six years of officiating and performing close to 100 wedding ceremonies, I presided over my final wedding in June.  Cheers to Mikki and Jake for a happy and love-filled life together!

I extend my deepest gratitude to the couples who have invited me to share their wedding day with them.  It has been my honor being a part of their truly joyous occasions.

Congratulations to all of them.  I wish you all the very best married life can offer!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our Services

A wedding ceremony is rarely "cookie-cutter." Nor should it be. The ceremony is one of the few opportunities for you to place your own stamp on the wedding day. People sometimes lose sight of the fact that there are actually few things that must legally be said during the service. These statements take all of a couple minutes to say, leaving the rest of your ceremony up to you. Many couples do like the traditional format of the wedding ceremony, but even within this structure, there are ways to make it your own. This is the part of the process that I have the most fun with.

By learning more about you and your fiancé, I am able to recommend unique elements, phrasing, and symbolism for your service. Of course, this is all done while keeping the focus on a tasteful and elegant wedding. Once in a while, I will be asked to perform a purely traditional service. In this case, the format and script of the ceremony are already set-in-stone. While I am willing to accommodate this request, it has become more and more rare as couples seek to add a spirit of specialness to their ceremony. Regardless of whether you wish for a heavily scripted affair or a classic traditional service, I will work to ensure your day is special and unforgettable.


Basic ($200) - Designed for couples who wish for a quick, simple 10-minute ceremony, this service includes performance of the ceremony and filing of the completed license. 

Standard ($375) - This service includes performance of the ceremony, customized ceremony scripting, couple consultation, and filing of the completed license.

Grand ($550) - The most popular of services - includes full rehearsal, performance of the ceremony, customized ceremony scripting, couple consultation, and filing of the completed license.

*A note on fees: Additions to these services can be arranged and negotiated as all weddings are different and each couple is unique. The Grand, Standard and Basic service packages do not include transportation and a flat transportation fee may be applied, but will be discussed with the couple during the initial consultation.

Friday, February 17, 2012

A City Wedding: Hyatt at the Bellvue - Ayla & Ben

Wedding Reception at Hyatt at the Bellvue - Jennifer Childress Photography
A beautiful wedding at a beautiful venue!  Last week, I had the pleasure of performing a wedding at the Hyatt at the Bellvue.  It was a wonderful experience.  The staff and coordinators were extremely gracious and professional.  I saw first hand that the couple did not want for a thing.  At one point, it was getting a bit warm in the room where the ceremony was to be performed.  The staff immediately requested for the heat to be lowered.

Part of the reason it was getting toasty in the room was the number of lit candles.  There was a beautiful and elegant walkway created by lit candles with glass surrounds.  Candles filled the fireplace making for a very warm and inviting setting.  The candle light helped to show the masterful ceiling and wall details.  It was simply stunning.

I managed to stay for the cocktail hour and had a wonderful time chatting with the friends and family of the Bride and Groom.  The food was delicious!

So if you are thinking of an urban venue with class and elegance, you may want to think of the Hyatt at the Bellvue in Center City Philadelphia.

Congratulations on your wedding, Ben and Ayla!  It was truly my pleasure performing your ceremony.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Certain Tux for a Certain Groom!

There is a saying, "If the shoe fits, wear it."  Turns out the same applies to your tux.  Gentlemen, different shapes call for different styles.  Use this handy style guide to help you select the ideal tuxedo for your body type. 

Men, weddings are not just about the gown.  Show yourself off by looking your best.  You deserve it too! 

Click here for the tuxedo style guide.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Autumn-ize Your Wedding!

Our good friends at The Knot took some time to profile four couples who incorporated colors and decorations to properly represent their Fall themed weddings.  Well, it's that season so I'm pleased to share this video with you.  Keep in mind that we still have some availability for the Fall wedding season.  If you are still in need of an officiant, send an email or give a call!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Labor Day Engagement

Our friends over at The Heart Bandits has four great reasons why you should turn your Labor Day weekend into your engagement weekend!  I say, why not? 

Click here to check out their post.

To all of those who are getting engaged or married this weekend, Congratulations!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Irene Rescheduling

Well, Irene is on her way and she is set to ruin many a wedding day.  For those of you who will have to reschedule your wedding, Joyous Occasions is happy to help!  If your original officiant is no longer available for your new date, we are happy to step in.  If we are available, we will provide a $100 Irene discount to our Grand and Standard packages.  After all Irene has done to destroy your initial plans, the least she can do is provide you with an extra $100 in your pocket.

Be sure to mention Irene and your rescheduling efforts so we can properly apply the discount.