Friday, February 17, 2012

A City Wedding: Hyatt at the Bellvue - Ayla & Ben

Wedding Reception at Hyatt at the Bellvue - Jennifer Childress Photography
A beautiful wedding at a beautiful venue!  Last week, I had the pleasure of performing a wedding at the Hyatt at the Bellvue.  It was a wonderful experience.  The staff and coordinators were extremely gracious and professional.  I saw first hand that the couple did not want for a thing.  At one point, it was getting a bit warm in the room where the ceremony was to be performed.  The staff immediately requested for the heat to be lowered.

Part of the reason it was getting toasty in the room was the number of lit candles.  There was a beautiful and elegant walkway created by lit candles with glass surrounds.  Candles filled the fireplace making for a very warm and inviting setting.  The candle light helped to show the masterful ceiling and wall details.  It was simply stunning.

I managed to stay for the cocktail hour and had a wonderful time chatting with the friends and family of the Bride and Groom.  The food was delicious!

So if you are thinking of an urban venue with class and elegance, you may want to think of the Hyatt at the Bellvue in Center City Philadelphia.

Congratulations on your wedding, Ben and Ayla!  It was truly my pleasure performing your ceremony.

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Benjamin Quinones III said...

Thank you! Your services were beyond impeccable! The pleasure was all ours!

Ben Q.